Land Rover Uganda Show moved to 6th – 7th May 2016
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Welcome to Land Rover Uganda

Welcome to the Land Rover Uganda Club.

The club is for everyone who owns, drives, or just interested in any of the Land Rover models.

It is not important that you even own a Land Rover, you may just be thinking about buying one, and would like some unbiased information. Our Club is the right place for you to join.

The Club organises day, weekend and extended trips to satisfy various interests of the wide range of membership and cater for the novice through to the experienced driver.

The club is a source of valuable information through the experiences of our members, links with the Land Rover enthusiasts, reliable mechanics, vehicle and equipment suppliers.

The Land Rover Uganda Club was formed by a group of enthusiasts who shared an interest in four wheel driving and the great outdoors. It caters for all models from Series I right through to the current Freelander, Defender, Discovery and Range Rover.

Do we confine ourselves to Land Rovers only? No we don’t. In fact, you don’t even have to own a Land Rover to belong to the club. You just need to have an interest in them. We welcome owners of other four-wheel drive vehicles in our club. We even have many members who don’t own Land Rovers.

An elected committee manages the club; the various activities are organised and run by volunteer members.


Objectives / Aims of the Land Rover Uganda Club

Some of the aims and objectives of the Club are:

To promote the operation of a Land Rover enthusiasts club for drivers, owners and enthusiasts of vehicles of the Land Rover marque.

To support this aim by organising Club meetings for competition and social activities for members and their families and invited guests.

To provide a common meeting place for people with an interest in Land Rovers

To arrange outings to areas of interest for the day or weekend

To organise a social program that includes day or night functions, and meetings where club members can get together

To conserve and protect the natural environment and undertake, where possible, activities which will assist in this objective

To facilitate the discussion of vehicle modification, design and difficulties that could be encountered

To promote family participation and friendship between club members

To provide members with information, advice and assistance on matters connected with motoring and motor sport.

To afford members such benefits and privileges, as it may be possible to arrange.

To operate a Club shop for the supply of badges, books, promotional clothing etc. for the benefit of members.

To contribute to the development of off-road driving skills