Training & Workshops

We provide occasional training days for driving, use of winches, skills for various off-roading conditions and for any upcoming competitions either directly organised by us or other car enthusiasts or members.

Rescue Training
Our trained Club members go to the aid of the emergency and social services, as well as potentially members of the public. Before attending being called upon we require our members to have received basic training and also have their capabilities assessed. We run at least one annual training day that includes vehicle recovery techniques for both winch equipped and basic vehicles, map reading and location finding, and team communication.

We also arrange for first aid training and certification, search & rescue training, and vehicle recovery. These are not compulsory, and provide an extra dimension to using and enjoying your Land Rover.

The Club occasionally organises workshops that can be from a day to a number of days on certain topic or to equip a certain group of people, company staff, organisation with certain skills such as first aid, and other customised topics as may be required.