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The Land Rover Uganda Show 2019

This year’s theme: Drive Smart. Be a Leader for Road Safety

The annual Land Rover Uganda show aims at bringing together owners, enthusiasts, action displays and trade. The event showcases all that is best about owning, driving and enjoying the world’s most-loved off-roaders.

It is not just an action-packed weekend for the Land Rover enthusiast; the show is entertainment for the whole family.

Land Rovers at CityVille in Bukoto, Kampala

Expect some of our Club parts suppliers offering bargains as well as a strong turnout of Land Rover enthusiasts, mechanics, parts suppliers, sponsors, 4×4 enthusiasts, Land Rover owners and all the rest showcasing their stunning displays and a range of off-road and expedition parts and accessories, tools, tours and adventures, clothing, and even Land Rovers for sale.

We will also have technical and non-technical training sessions for anyone interested in learning anything about their Land Rover with our trainers on standby. This can be anything from winching, using your low-range/diff lock, driving on steep slopes using your gears only for braking, and much more.


This year, the Land Rover Show will be held at CityVille, Bukoto Kampala. We will be celebrating 71 years of Land Rovers in Uganda with a theme of Driving Smart and being Leaders for Road Safety. This message should go on beyond the Land Rover Uganda Show 2019 and continue to be a reminder to the entire public where everyone wins when we become road safety leaders.

Activities Highlights


In line with the Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week that took place from the 6th to 12th of May 2019 acknowledging that strong leadership is needed to advance road safety in countries and communities and achieve related Sustainable Development Goal and other global targets, the Land Rover Club strongly believes that everyone can be a Leader for Road Safety. The most effective leaders, who hail from all sectors of society, are those who #SpeakUp for road safety and take action. It’s important to recognise that all of us, as individuals, can be leaders for road safety! Everybody can be a leader for road safety and it starts with speaking up to ensure that every journey is a safe one.

In the last decade alone in Uganda, recorded road crash fatalities rose from 2,597 to 3,503 in 2016 and 3,500 of reported cases in 2017 representing a growth of 25.9%. The accident severity index is 24 people killed per 100 road crashes. This shows that Uganda loses 10 people per day in road traffic crashes, which is one of the highest in the East African region.

This is an unacceptable price to pay for mobility. Whether we travel as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or drivers, all of us – as parents, students, employees, volunteers and concerned citizens – can be leaders for road safety. A safe journey is a priority, everybody wins!

It is on this basis that the Land Rover Club partnered with Towards Zero East Africa to raise awareness about the growing need for absolute Road Safety for all Ugandans.

We will set off at 10 am and drive our Land Rovers but also other cars that would love to join our procession around Kampala City with a message to all Road Users to Be Smart and Be Leaders for Road Safety. Through our Partner Road Safety Organisation, Towards Zero East Africa, the Land Rover Club will be working with Stakeholders in Uganda and urge its members and non-members to be responsible drivers on the road. For this particular month, we are putting emphasis on the Texting and Driving Road Safety issue that is common among very many drivers.

Our message is to urge all drivers to resist Texting while Driving so that we can work towards our overall vision of zero deaths and road carnage on our roads. We Shall use the Hashtags #PutThePhoneDown, #ItCanWait, #DoNotTextAndDrive, #TowardsZeroDeaths, #StopTheTexts, #StopTheWrecks, #TowardsZeroAccidents, #SafeRoadsUganda #JustDrive #DriveSafe among other applicable ones.

On this day, we hope other drivers can follow suit, listen to our message of No Texting while Driving so we reduce the road deaths on our roads in addition to other upcoming road safety programmes and campaigns.


As much as we will not go mud plugging and any extreme off-roading as we do for other Land Rover Shows, we shall have technical and non-technical training sessions for anyone interested in learning anything about their Land Rover with our trainers on standby. This can be anything from winching, using your low-range/diff lock, driving on steep slopes using your gears only for braking, and much more. Participants will be able to develop their driving skills with expert tuition and gain a greater understanding of vehicle control, obstacle handling and how to assess different environments including navigating steep inclines, descents, side slopes, water crossings and much more which they can always try out in their free time at their own pace.

We have a set experienced instructors just for this show and you may drive with the instructor at any time during the brief training sessions or ask them anything you want to know on site.

We have also arranged to have further training courses and programmes in several topics so you will have the opportunity to book for our oncoming training sessions arranged by the Land Rover Uganda Club.

You will have a chance to preview our Club-organised short term and long-term Off-road Driving training programmes such as Introduction to Off-road driving skills, Intermediate Off-road Handling, Advanced Off-road Driving, Sand and Recovery Course and Dynamic Driving Course under on-road familiarisation. These can be arranged in conjunction with our other partners and at a suitable venue for practical sessions at an agreed period of time in the year.

Remember, Our Club training team can bring a unique off-road driving experience to your chosen location. This unusual and memorable, the day will be bespoke to your requirements.


This is the commercial zone with trade stands that cover different products and topics, such as spare pieces, merchandising, adventure trips, food stalls, hand-made products, etc. It is, in short, a meeting point, a space for sharing and exchanging and an adventure for the most curious ones.


This is an opportunity for all those who would like to sell their Land Rovers to bring them for sale. Only Land Rovers are for sale. Why not display your vehicle within the Cars for Sale display area at the Show?


One of our goals is to promote this event to encourage as many Exhibitors, Land Rover Specialist and any other Clubs, if any, to come to the show. You should be able to buy or at least pre-order anything from them from an autojumble kit, Specialised Diagnostic Kits, Vehicle accessories, Land Rover Vehicle Manuals, to any of their products and services.

Take advantage of the fact that there will be Land Rover sales agents to request as much information as you need!


Saturday, 15th June 2019 (All Day starting at 9:00 am). Entrance is free.


CityVille Bukoto, Kampala.