Membership of the club is open to everyone with an interest in Land Rovers and entitles members to participate in club activities and gain discounts offered by supporting companies, organisations, individuals, partners and service providers.


Types of Membership

The Land Rover Uganda Club is a family club, and we have structured our membership fees to keep costs to a minimum where we can. Once you join you will get a membership card which you can use/show at all events organised or accredited by The Land Rover Uganda Club. We shall keep on adding more benefits for members so that members get to fully harness all the benefits of joining the only Land Rover Club in Uganda.

Individual Membership

We offer individual membership or family membership where you choose to nominate any other adult (who can be family, workmate, friend, spouse, etc) so that the total cost of the two of you joining is less than both you joining individually. You may also choose to select both types of memberships as long as you pay both membership fees if you prefer to join that way.

Family Membership (Nominated Adult)

An additional adult person (Secondary Member) are considered full members of the club, and are able to enjoy such benefits as that may provide e.g. drive.
Added to this grade of Membership can be any other person you may want to nominate so that they join the Land Rover Uganda Club. This could be a workmate, friend, relative, spouse or anyone who you know well enough to nominate as a Club member.

Trade Membership

You may join as a business, automotive workshop (garage), individually run business and our team will pay you a visit and if you meet our minimum standards, we will accredit your business and recommend all Club members and other interested people to your business. If you do not meet the requirements for our Trade Membership, we will let you know what you need to do to get accredited. We check on all our Trade Members to make sure they abide by the Club’s code of conduct. Anyone who doesn’t abide by our Code of Ethics and Conduct will be blacklisted and membership revoked.

The current benefits to all Paid Members:

A. We have arranged Special Price Discounts with the following Suppliers. Paid members should present their cards or at least know their membership numbers to have the discounts applied/given to them.

1. Mogas Uganda Ltd (For all applicable Castrol Products and Mogas Products, E.g. Engine Oil, ATF, Brake Fluid, MTF, Mogas Oils, LPG Gas) Location: 1st Street, Opposite Toyota Uganda). (Contact Person, Chris: 0705900563)

2. Land Rover Auto Masters. A very large collection of Land Rover Parts and Accessories for all Land Rover Models. (Contact Person, Carol: 0701776244 / Dr.Dickson Senoga: 0706932787. Location: Ndeeba, Kampala.)

3. Light Bulb Auto Parts. A Club Executive member but also part of the Club technical team. Deals in a variety of parts but also orders for parts and customisation modifications on Land Rovers on request. Also, a Bearmach Reseller.(Contact Person: Haroon Kakembo: 0752282662)

4. PK & K Auto Dealers: Dealers in a wide range of Land Rover parts. (Peterson Kakooza: 0751505572)

5. Pop A Lock. For all Auto Lock Solutions. Auto Key Cutting, Key Fobs, Key Copying, Transponder Programming and anything key related for all car models. (Nsubuga Mark: 0752600258. Email:

6. KH Engineering: For technical advice and mechanical work, a variety of new and used Land Rover parts from early models through TD5s to the newer Range Rovers.
(Hannington: 0759 224460, 0782 449289)

7. Mash Auto Dealers: A team of technically skilled Land Rover Parts Suppliers They will advise you even if you do not intend to buy from them. They are certified Dealers for a number of major Land Rover OEM dealers, e.g. Bearmach.  Contact People: Patrick Kawere: 0772421401 / Tony: 0772409910/0753409910 / Mustapha: 0752528738)

B. All Paid members that own Land Rovers will get free full safari check and report and diagnostic checks throughout the year at any of the following Club mechanics.

1. Land Rover Solutions. Contact: Mukasa Steven. Phone Contact: 0752 694759 0777 547619, Location: Ntinda, Kalinabiri

2. Bishop Motor Garage: C/O Patrick: Phone Contact: 0773600244, Location: Makerere Kavule (Specialises in the newer Land Rovers especially from 2005 and above, computer diagnostics and all service and mechanical work)

3. Capital Zone Tanzania: Location: Arusha, TZ. For Land Rover Mechanical Work, Experts in Restoration, car modifications and fabirations on all Land Rover Models (Call +255 682 941 515. Email:

4. Auto Care Mobile Mechanic (Contact: Baker Bogere, Phone Contact: Location: Makerere Kavule)

5. KH Engineering Solutions Contact: (Hannington: 0759 224460, 0782 449289. Location: Makerere Kavule)

C. The following Service Providers and Stores will give discounts on their Services and Products to all members on presentation of a Membership Card or Membership No.

1. Velocity Bar & Grill Liquor Store. Location: Kyanja just opposite Kensington Apartments. (This may include discounted prices for any of the drinks and eats at any of the events they host). The Liquor store automatically applies the discount to anyone who shops from there on presentation of the Membership Card.

2. Vintage Car Wash, Kyanja. (Discounted Car Wash all through the year. Kyanja Ring Road)

3. Reliable Break down Service/Single Car Carrier Service: Used to transporting transporting Land Rovers but even any other cars. Contact Person: Nyonga: 0772432607, 0701432607

4. Second Select Car Carrier Service: Reliable Car Carrier Service mostly suitable for new/newly imported cars coming into the country but also anywhere within the East African region including South Sudan. (Contact Person: Edirisa Matovu: 0772501506. Location: Spring Road Bugolobi).

D. All Paid Members will be entitled to the following as well

1. A membership card and No. (Present this at all places to have your discount/special offers applied).

2. A Car Sticker

3. Free Entrance to all our events

4. Access to the Land Rover Whatsapp Group where you get instant Event Updates, Technical and Non-technical advice and help for vehicle owners, Land Rover buying advice and more. You are not alone when you break down. You will have a number of people who will be able to help and guide you if you just post the problem to the Group.

5. Access to our own vetted reliable mechanics who won’t waste time with your Land Rover and the Club will also help you follow up on any issues that may arise in case of any problems.

6. Monthly Club Meetings/Events. The club organises local get-together and social meetings all over the country, often on a monthly basis. A chance to meet fellow owners and talk old Land Rovers over a pie and pint.

7. Participation in various charity and community based events.

8. Free Consultation and Advice from the Club Technical team.

And more to come.

Membership Fees

Individual Membership – 150,000 UgShs annually.

Individual Membership with Nominated Adult – 250,000 UgShs.

Trade Membership – 400,000 UgShs


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I/We, listed above, make application to join the Land Rover Uganda Club. I/We declare that at all times I/we will abide by the Club Constitution. I/We understand that while participating in any Club activity I/we do so at my/our own risk and that no responsibility for loss, damage or injury or otherwise will be accepted by the Club or its members. By submitting this form I agree to the above terms.