Land Rover Uganda Club Charity Road Trip to Ngora, School of the Deaf

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Land Rover Uganda Club Charity Road Trip to Ngora, School of the Deaf

The Land Rover Uganda Club in Conjunction with Ride & Roast Road Trips will be part of a charity Drive to *Ngora school for the deaf* on Saturday, 13th April 2019.

The Club will provide Land Rovers to help with logistical support and transportation to and from Kumi of any of the items donated but also for some of the members who will be travelling to Ngora for the day. We are also fundraising from our Club members, friends, partners and well-wishers to contribute whatever amount of financial help we shall be able to contribute to this cause. We also plan to continuously support the school whenever possible. We are also just travelling to spend time and have some fun with the kids.

A brief background

One of only 3 specialized schools in Uganda providing nursery, primary & vocational training in tailoring & carpentry/ joinery to deaf children in Kumi Uganda.

Given the specialized skills required, it costs £250 (Ugx 1.1m) per annum to sponsor a child at the school. Many such children at this point are abandoned or from humble families hence unable to afford the services and usually end up without recourse. The girls, in particular, miss classes or drop out of school due to lack of sanitary towels.

The school does not turn down needy students but struggles through help from mainly foreign well-wishers to which end a few friends wish to stand up and help attract donations to give more hope to these underprivileged Deaf Ugandans.

*Can we do something? *

The proposal is to first visit the school to further understand their challenges with a view to give a hand, donate scholastic items like books, sign language dictionaries, Visual classroom materials, toiletries especially sanitary towels, first aid kits and food items for Easter plus share love and affection with the children.

In conjunction with the school we came up with a humble budget of 3,650,000 UgShs (985 US Dollars) for a start but more is needed and would appreciate if we can collect 5,000,000 UgShs. (1350 US Dollars) . Anyone can be part of this by either contributing towards the cause, travelling to spend time and share the love with the kids or both or give items in kind.

Would you like to join us for the trip?

The trip is on *Sat 13th April and costs *Ugx 260,000 UgShs pp* covering transport to & from Kla, meals and 1-night accommodation in Mbale returning Sunday 14th April.

*Contact person and Ground Handling operations*

Mackay Mwebingwa a tour operator (Hillcrest Safaris) in Eastern Uganda 0703 244 336/ 0775 289 095
Mackay is in charge of the Charity Road trip itinerary and ground handling for the trip.

You may kindly contribute whatever you can to cover the 3.6m budget items directly by sending Mobile Money to *0773689872 Doreen Sandra Kauma* who is a disability rights advocate and social activist specifically passionate about the girl child. Being Deaf herself and with a livid experience, she leads the delegation lending us an in-depth understanding of learning and societal challenges of deaf children as the cause is dear to her heart.

For Land Rover Club members, Haroon Kakembo, one of our Executive Committee members will be in charge of coordinating and receiving all donations on behalf of the Club (for those who prefer to send their financial and any other in-kind contributions, e.g. Stationery, first aid kits, etc through the Club) and will let us know how much was collected and we hand it over to the Charity Drive organising team at the end of the fundraising period. The money should be sent by Mobile Money to Haroon Kakembo’s number +256 (0) 752 282 662 from any of the networks. If you prefer to use a bank account for your donation, please contact us to give you our Club Bank account details.