Club Committee

The Land Rover Uganda Club is run by an elected committee that fully manages the club; the various activities are organised and run by volunteer committee members.

The Club has the following Committee members and positions

  • Club Chairman

The all round good egg who sweeps up all the issues everybody else forgets, acts as arbitrator and go between. Manages the clubs affairs, raises points of interest and discussion. Looks for new sites. Takes the grief when it all goes wrong and none of the glory when everything works just fine.

  • Vice Chairman

Works hand in hand with the Chairman on all the issues and affairs of the Club but also acts as a coordinator of all the other committee members and would step in as Chairman in his absence. Works with the Chairman to help him/her understand concerns and alternative points of view within the club.

  • Secretary

Keeps all our records of all correspondence into and out of the Club, writes formal letters on behalf of the Club, and notifies other clubs of our activities. Also the ‘keeper and publisher’ of the minutes of the AGM, SGMs and committee meetings. Arranges committee meetings and publishes the agenda. Also works with the Treasurer when dealing with membership queries, new member requests and renewals.

  • Treasurer

Keeper of the purse, manages the accounts. Pays the bills and does the banking. Produces the auditable accounts at the end of the year. Arranges the insurances and all related paper work and makes sure we don’t over spend.

  • Newsletter editor

Puts together our bi-monthly online newsletter: ‘The Land Rover Uganda Bi-Monthly Online Newsletter.’ Also helps with the website updates.

  • Publicity & PR Rep

He is in charge of all the publicity of all our Club events and will advise the Chairman and Vice Chairman on important decisions that may need to be taken or a course of action while running the Club.

  • Events Coordinator(s)

These are always on call and ready to run all over the place to make sure events are smoothly coordinated. They work with the rest of the committee members to ensure events are on schedule and all the required tasks are done on time.

  • Legal Advisor

Steers the Club Committee and its members in the right legal direction and makes sure we don’t break any laws during any of our events or activities.

  • General/Ordinary Members

These can be called on at any time to help with anything that the other committee members may need help on but should also be able to take on roles as they come. These would be the first choice if we added new positions that need to be filled on the committee.