Charity Support Activities

We support charities organising fund raising events, such as cross country fun runs, where they need marshals to be mobile.

What we do and how to get involved

Each year we now nominate a charity that we will support with profits from our Charity Support Activities. The Committee gets together to organise the most suitable activity for the year and they invlove different stakeholders and the public.

Our members are called upon by various charity event organisers to assist in the running of the event.

How we support Charity events

We offer support to charity events, and can provide marshals and to assist with setting up, running and packing up events. We also assist the medical teams to move around the event and evacuate any casualties. We hope to team up with organisations like the Red Cross and other emergency rescue services. These can sometimes include fun runs where there are significant numbers of entrants taking part and an offroad vehicle is required.

Our volunteers assist with a wide range of jobs, working alongside the charity staff and volunteers from other organisations.

For our members that volunteer, it is a way to get involved and be part of something much bigger, and to do ‘our bit’ to help these charities.

Event organisers – how we can help you.

If you are planning an event and need extra man power we can offer you people and transport to assist your organisation in setting up the event. Please contact us to discuss what you need, and how we can help.